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Re-usable Test Automation – A Case Study

May 27, 2013

A few months back, I was facilitating a team that was responsible for doing an automation of J2ee enterprise application in an open source scripting tool and thus pulling off the testing activities in a completely new technology. This also meant that each one of the team members who are not core programmers had to take initiative and explore new areas of the technology and think of all the best possible practices so that not only writing code is easier but maintenance too.

After 2 weeks of time when we set together, we could figure out that six of ten team mates required a common job to be performed and everybody has spent efforts doing that. For others it was only an effort that was duplicated but for me it’s not only effort that was in vain but also the time spent in doing that, its effect in overall deliverable and maintenance impact of duplication of code. I talked with a few colleagues of mine and they also shared that this is an issue in general and is definitely hampering productivity.

TestingWhiz™ an easy and intuitive test automation tool offers remedy to this issue elegantly. Let’s recall the issue that was faced. The project had a login module and 24 major modules (we will call them myAccount1, myAccount2 and so on) post login. In order to do an automation testing of myAccount1, Jim needed to code automation for login. Similarly Barbara also needed login module to perform automation of myAccount2 and the story continues.

When rewriting stuff in TestingWhiz™, we had following code less – keyword driven - script structure.

Login – Created as a method



Uses call to ‘Login’ method as a first step of its automation.


Second step onwards exclusive steps to automate myAccount1.


Uses call to ‘Login’ method as a first step of its automation.

Second step onwards exclusive steps to automate myAccount2.


It has made job easier for all of us since any change made by developers in login feature can be handled very easily by us with the help of website testing tool and changing at a single place (in method definition for Login) will have a retrospective effect.

A simple idea of putting things together in a method in TestingWhiz™ saved me a lot of rework, saving in time, saving in cost and ease in maintenance. N.S.

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