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How to Test Smart & Effectively

March 21, 2016

We know, test automation of application has its own set of challenges and complexities which further creates problems in coping with frequent agile and continuous release cycles:

Of these, the most common challenges that testers experience are, difficulties in:

  • Executing thousands of test cases and scaling them across different environments.
  • Generating millions of test data for automation against different scenarios.
  • Confirming that your application works in & out during CI-CD cycles.
  • Tracking application quality metrics for smarter reporting and decision making.
  • Ensuring faster and robust test automation of web properties and applications.

The key to solving these challenges lies in testing smartly and effectively. Here’s a recorded webinar on how to test smart & effectively by TestingWhiz.

The webinar takes you through the key features of the new release - TestingWhiz 5.0 Jupiter and explains how these features can help you test smartly and increase the effectiveness of your test automation efforts.

The webinar - Test Smart & Effectively with TestingWhiz Version 5.0 Jupiter covers the following topics:

  • Cloud Execution to scale test automation bandwidth.
  • Automatic Test Data Generation with test data management.
  • Headless Testing on Continuous Integration environments.
  • Digging deeper into BI Analytics with Mongo DB support.
  • Execution over Firefox Profile for personalized testing.
  • Gaining useful insights with Smart & Robust reporting.

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