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How to Release Apps Confidently in Continuous Agile Cycles?

December 3, 2015

Nearly 80% of apps fail to perform at end-users side due faulty user interface and broken functionalities, no matter how tactfully and painstakingly they have been developed. As a result, you have to deal with post-release chaos, complaints and unsubscribes.

Well, the solution to ensure your apps function well and appear correctly lies in testing. Testing your app rigorously to verify it functioning, layout, appearance and browser compatibility on different platforms helps in determining flaws and improving it for your end-users.

However, it’s challenging to accomplish testing of applications, especially when:

  • You have a pre-defined timeline to release the new feature that your users longed for some time
  • You have a shorter time-frame to test applications that contain hundreds of features
  • You have to perform regression testing on a continuous basis
  • You lack enough resources to address all the testing requirements

So, the question ‘How to Release Apps Confidently in Continuous Agile Cycles?’ starts pestering your mind while developing and releasing apps after new features have been added.

The answer to these challenges is test automation. Test automation promises to cut down those long and stressful hours of writing scripts and testing each new feature, providing you the fastest way to identify functional issues and resolve them. It lets you cover wider testing scope and accomplish your testing requirements with speed.

With test automation, you can address the frequent agile cycles and make sure your apps deliver the right experience on the right device without missing your deadlines, allowing you to release your apps confidently in the market.

Well, for this, you should have a sound test automation knowledge, strategy and resources in place.

To help you get started with the Functional and Web UI automated testing for your application, we had a webinar on - Web UI and Functional Test Automation for Continuous Agile Deliveries. This webinar will take you through the important and actionable steps to implement Web UI and Functional Test Automation of Web apps to ensure continuous deliveries in agile sprints.

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