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How to Overcome UI Automation Testing Challenges?

July 31, 2017

How to Overcome UI Automation Testing Challenges?

“UI automation testing is time consuming, boring and expensive.” If you believe this, you will soon change your perception by the end of this article.

Most testers say that they find creating and executing UI testing manually more easily and speedily compared to the automated ones. The only reason is the challenges that it comes with.

You have often experienced various UI common challenges like complex workflows, time consuming process, and brittle tests in automating UI tests. But, what are the core automated UI testing challenges that make it time consuming, costly and uninteresting?

Let’s discuss the most important challenges that a tester faces while automating web application testing for UI and find out ways to resolve them in the later part of the article.

1. Changing UI Continuously
Considering the latest technologies emerging these days, our web applications need to be upgraded. This calls for a change. This change can be related to any new version, integration with the third party tools or maybe sometimes, there are new functionalities that we want to implement in our web apps. Obviously, we might miss out to develop our UI tests in a way to utilize later.

2. Increasing Complexity of Testing Web Elements
Latest web functionalities that we implement in our web applications can include various web elements. Those elements can be embedded frames and other products as well. Sometimes, large enterprise websites contain complex flowcharts, diagrams, maps, etc. These make the website’s UI test automation complex.

3. Handling Multiple Errors
Error handling has been an issue with UI automation testing. Whenever there are complex UI test scenarios with tight deadlines, most time is utilized in creating UI test scripts. Thus, testers choose manual testing over automation for UI testing. Having said that, error handling becomes extremely difficult when you manually revoke the error messages and automate the same.

4. Choosing a Random Automated UI Testing Tool
Well, here is where the most enterprises suffer. There are numerous test automation tools available in the industry. In fact, there are certain tools that showcase themselves specialized in UI automation testing. And, when you try them, you will end up wasting your time and efforts. But, maybe due to budget constraints or project complexities, the enterprises end up choosing the inappropriate tools.

5. Maintaining Automated UI Scripts
What happens in UI automated test scripts is, that it is difficult to maintain. Web developers often make changes to UI rather to the logic of the features and functionalities. With this, the UI test scripts fail each time there are new changes to the UI. Hence, maintenance of the UI scripts has been a challenge for long.

6. Creating Effective UI automation tests take time
Everybody is talking about automating tests at DevOps speed. But, this does not affect creating UI automated tests as it takes hell lot of time and patience. Also, you know that there are a few tools that do not support recording UI automation tests. This creates challenges for developing automated test scripts for UI, effective.

7. Calculating ROI for UI automation
This is a real challenge for the enterprises. UI keeps on changing, the tests will change accordingly. It will double the time that UI automation testing will take, delaying the process of delivery. Though test automation always comes with justified ROI attached. But, how will we calculate direct ROI for UI automation testing?

8. Reviewing Quality Code standards
Each developer involved in developing an application will have different coding and code commenting styles. This makes it difficult for other developers as well as testers to review it sooner or later for modifications or maintenance. Already, creating UI automated tests took time and without maintaining the coding standards, it will be extremely challenging to review or modify it sooner or later.


So, you have seen the challenges that come your way while creating UI automation test scripts. And now, here is how you can resolve them:

1. Select the right automation testing framework:
The first step to overcome the UI automation testing challenges is to choose the right test automation framework. There are various frameworks available in our test automation industry. But, the one that suits the best is UI Page Maps looking into its advantages and disadvantages. This solves the issues of maintaining the UI automated test scripts and making it reusable.

2. Consider Image comparison to be an important aspect:
While creating UI test scripts, image comparison is extremely important. The pixel variances from shape, size, texture, color and other image components will be tested automatically. So, for image comparison, you can use TestingWhiz and here is why.

3. Choose the right automated UI testing tool:
If you do not want to go for choosing or developing a UI automation testing framework, you can always opt for a tool. They come handy with a cost attached to it. But, those automated UI testing tools are highly valuable and here is how. Let’s consider if you buy a tool to automate UI testing, you can rely on them for following things:

  • Integration with test management tools, defect tracking tools
  • Report generation along with screenshots
  • Record/playback for effective UI automation testing
  • And, many more

4. Utilize Object Repository
What can be done over here is, utilize shared object repository to maintain your tests. Also, it is a good option to create less number of automated UI test cases at the initial testing stage to get a higher rate of successful test cases. This will reduce the test maintenance cost and will improve the test coverage.

5. Choose Codeless Testing Tools:
Let’s choose the codeless automation testing tool to remove the headache of making changes in the code again and again. So, the time will be saved to a greater extent and the cost associated with the right automated UI testing tool is justified based on the support that it offers. This gives a sure-shot boost to your ROI.

6. Offer Company Code Review Standards Training:
How will you change the coding style of the developers you have or you hire? The only way is to finalize a specified way of coding standards at your enterprise level. And, based on them, you can train your existing as well as new developers and testers. This will help you to maintain the code easily for future review or modifications across your enterprise.


UI automation testing is crucial as it is tricky yet the most important aspect of testing an application. And, the challenges to UI automation testing are not that easy to be tackled manually as it will increase the time and will not match up with the delivery deadlines. Thus, it becomes extremely important for a tester to resolve the UI automation testing challenges with the propitious solutions.

Where do you find UI automation testing more challenging? How do you overcome them? Do share in the comment section below.


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