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How an Effective Functional Test Automation Improves ROI?

May 27, 2019

How an Effective Functional Test Automation Improves ROI?

The businesses must fast-track and systemize the testing mechanism to ensure flawless application. The goal is to improve ROI in various locals, primarily generic ROI and Business ROI. With growing demand and opportunities in the market, applications have to be developed within tight deadlines, and at the same time, it is necessary to enhance the existing workforce. That’s why automation professionals play a very important role for solving complex problems within deadlines. The core area of test automation is to enhance the test efficiency and develop software value.

Functional Testing can be defined as testing a system against the functional requirements of its expected outcome of actions vs. the actual outcome.

It is not checking that everything appears as it should, but it ensures it does the right thing when an input is given; remember just because it functions doesn’t mean it is functioning as intended.

Think of it as clicking the link to go to contacts on a web page but ending up on the about page; that’s the wrong outcome.

Reduce Testing Efforts and get Better Test Coverage using Functional Test Automation

Let’s discuss how Functional Test Automation can help Generating ROI:

There are many options to generate the maximum value that we would get by just trying to go through them all, so, we are going to focus on only Business ROI and General ROI.

ROI means Return on Investment, not to be confused with IRR (Internal Rate of Return) or ROR (Rate of Return); most of us care about the raw metric on investment into automation of functional testing to improve this value, not the results derived from the rest.

The major reason to automate the whole testing process is simple: cost in time and resources. It’s just faster, simpler and overall more efficient. No need to wait for someone to come in to test the functional aspect of the product at the end of the development just set it up and watch it go.

Automation Testing, as a whole, improves ROI and focuses on Functional Test Automation’s effects and how it improves ROI in various ways. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Reputation: By running successful functional test automation at the end of the development cycle it ensures that your product releases without any errors or bugs. This can improve the reputation and reliability of your business and product, which increases your brand recognition and ROI on both the new product and the testing software.

In-depth Testing: Functional Test Automation allows you to cover each aspect of your products system requirements and perform a thorough, complete check; validating that everything is functioning as intended.

This ensures that the system is tested for any compatibility issues, errors or bugs, all of which is essential for a successful launch of any product; which by proxy effects both the ROI of the product and the company’s reputation.

Early Bug Detection: Functional Test Automation allows your product to be tested repeatedly at each stage of development so that your team will be able to detect problems in the early stages of the process; i.e. as each function is added.

Early detection allows your product to be free of bugs and errors, thus preventing development bottlenecks. This saves time and resources as your development team doesn’t end up reaching the end stage of development only to find a critical error that impedes launch. This means saving time, effort and money thus resulting in a better ROI. This is the stage where a pattern emerges: development & delivery speed, reliability, and stability for the product, and an improved reputation for the business. All of this revolving around makes sure the product works seamlessly by checking the functionality from start to finish.

Having to do this manually, the time and resource cost alone for testing that would be enormous. In addition, the implications of missing a single test case from user error, oversight or neglect, if implemented manually, can be jarring at times.

The end goal is to improve the test automation effectiveness and ROI of the business and Functional Test Automation does that in spades. Test Automation does this on its own. Nothing looks worse than an unreliable and broken product that was sold on the promise of seamless functioning and superior quality. Want to make sure this never happens to you while improving your ROI, or transformation in other industries? Drop us an email at info@testing-whiz.com or call us on +1-855-699-6600.


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