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New to Software Testing? Get Started with Automated Testing!

June 3, 2013

Test Automation is not a magic bullet by any means. Test automation engineers have to a lot of groundwork before they can start deriving benefits. They have to setup the test environment, design an automation framework, prepare a library of functions/methods and define configuration parameters

Now if you tell this to someone, they would think that’s a lot of manual work!

But with new testing tools & technologies in the market things have changed to drastically. And all for better, test automation is not just limited to complex tools & writing hundreds of lines of code. It is easy to implement software automation testing, with using just the fundamentals of software testing. TestingWhiz is one of the examples of newer generation of automated functional testing tools. For a tester with a good knowledge of testing and some conceptual knowledge of test automation, TestingWhiz offers a way to do automated web applications testing. All the things like automation framework, function library and configuration has been taken care of in the tool itself. What the tester has to do it is simply record the scenario, make the modifications needed and play back the script on the browser of his/her choice via browser test automation. Sounds simple, right? Let’s walk through that process.

Pick up a manually created test case you want to automate. If you have TestingWhiz installed, from the main page click on the record button as displayed:

record the test case

Recording browser will be displayed where user can enter the URL for the test application:

recording browser

Enter the URL and click “Go” button:

Enter URL and Click on Go Button

Now follow the same steps you have defined as part of your test case. TestingWhiz will record all the actions user performs on the web page and create a step by step test script:

TestingWhiz performs on behalf of users

After all the steps are automated, again click on the “record” button to stop recording:

Click on Record to Stop Recording

You will see that all the recorded steps will be displayed on the Test Editor grid with user defined inputs:

Steps displayed on Test Editor

Your first automated test script is ready. Now if you want to see if this automated test script really works on a browser of your choice, you just have to click on the dropdown arrow next to play button and select the browser of your choice:

Select the browser of your choice

Recorded script will be played back on the browser you have selected. It doesn't get any simpler than that, does it?

TestingWhiz makes the life of a software tester very easy as they don’t have to go through the same steps again and again manually. The biggest benefit is that they don’t have to learn any uncomfortable scripting. Once they record the script, they can easily play it back and go through the report to find out any issues with the web application or they can modify the script based on application modifications/enhancements.

There are lots of other good features of TestingWhiz. We are just getting started. Please keep checking out blog to know more about other cool features of TestingWhiz to make your life easier!!!

Get started with TestingWhiz now to automate software, database, big data, web UI and API testing!


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