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Democratization of Test Automation: Making Niche Technology Accessible with TestingWhiz

May 14, 2020

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The democratization of technology simply means it becomes easily accessible by all, even those, who are not technically savvy, and use the technology just as well.

For instance, using computers decades ago, demanded a special skillset and only select few could operate computers and use software and applications on it. However, nowadays, everyone we know has some form of computer-like device whether it’s their desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets or smartphones. This technology is now easily accessible and operable by all even by those who may lack obvious technical skills.

In the world of software development, it is now time to democratize test automation. It is time, it gets accessible to a variety of enterprises across a wide spectrum of industries and use cases to improve the quality of their applications.

But first we need to delve deeper into understanding Test Automation.

What is Test Automation?  

Testing is an integral part of the overall Software Development Lifecycle. Test Automation is about automating the end-to-end testing process where you can track and manage the different types of tests needed for the application. In the agile world, Test Automation is crucial for continuous delivery and continuous testing. 

Test Automation mainly considers three different factors:

  1. The AUT (Application Under Test)
  2. Tests to be undertaken
  3. Tools to be used

It is an ideal approach to take when considering (TDD) or Test-Driven-Development. Unit tests are initially created which evolve as the coding progresses. Once the unit tests decided for the application are thoroughly conducted, and the application passes, the coding is deemed complete. It heavily relies on the approach of code refactoring and that’s why Unit Testing is an important part of this exercise.

Tests like GUI testing, API testing, Regression Testing are time-consuming when conducted manually. Moreover, manual testing might not be effective to find certain defects, reducing accuracy of the overall testing in the process. Through test automation, the scope of testing can be increased, and several other test cases can be written and reused.

Test automation allows conducting a variety of such tests with greater ease and effectiveness. After the tests are developed, they can be repeatedly executed to increase test coverage in each sprint release. However, to accommodate the ever-changing landscape of rapid delivery the automation scripts for such tests need to be carefully developed to achieve continuous testing and continuous delivery.

It is also important to select the right framework and scripting technique otherwise the operational and maintenance costs can dramatically increase reducing the overall ROI of the application development.

That’s one of the crucial roadblocks to the democratization of test automation. It is often challenging to scout niche talent who can write efficient automation scripts for end-to-end test automation. Furthermore, it is difficult to train other staff to maintain and execute these scripts.

That is where a Codeless Test Automation tool like TestingWhiz has been steadily democratizing Test Automation offering a wide coverage of Testing in the process.

TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation tool that not only supports Test Automation, it also supports Automated Testing for a variety of tests and use cases.

It has made superior test automation accessible to all without the need for writing complex test scripts for a variety of necessary tests. It can perform:

  • Automated Web UI Testing
  • Automated Mobile Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Web Services Test Automation
  • Cross Browser Test Automation
  • Big Data Test Automation
  • Regression Test Automation
  • Data Driven Test Automation

In addition, it has several robust features including:

  • FAST Automation Engine
  • Object Eye Internal Recorder
  • Visual Recorder
  • Integrated Mobile Recorder
  • Integrated OCR Capability using Google Vision API and Tesseract
  • Integrated Python Editor
  • Integrated PDF and Excel Commands
  • Export Reports to PDF
  • SVN Integration
  • Centralized Object Repository

and more you can check out here: https://www.testing-whiz.com/features

In addition, this codeless test automation tool easily integrates with popular tools, frameworks, platforms and database for seamless test case execution across environments.  Such integrations will foster better connections across the technical architecture of application and automation horizons.

This makes TestingWhiz an excellent tool that makes test automation and automated testing accessible for all. It has democratized technology for everyone. If you are looking to implement automation testing within your enterprise, you can reach our experts at info@testing-whiz.com or call us on +1-855-699-6600.


TestingWhiz is committed to provide an innovative and automated software testing solution to the global enterprises and software companies for their web, mobile and cloud applications.


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