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Comparing Top 10 Cross-browser Testing Tools

March 17, 2016

comparing top 10 cross browser testing tools

So you have a website which looks great on a particular browser but, what if it looks awful or works inaccurately on the other? Yes, you would lose a returning visitor.

To ensure that your web application or website perform accurately on all the browsers, performing cross browser testing is necessary due to the fact that browsers have a different method of rendering the site, in which case differences and errors might occur in the layout, feature or functionality.

Well, traditional cross browser testing requires you to load your website or application on computers and mobile devices and test it in the combination of browsers. However, the success of this would depend on as many computers, mobile devices, browsers and operating systems you can purchase or install. Since in today’s time, the number of browsers, their versions, operating systems have increased, it is more than difficult to test your app against each of these due to time limitation and acquisition cost.

Fortunately, there are several tools that simulate browsers and let you test your app and check if it successfully displays/functions on the intended browser, resolution, and platform. But how to know which one meets your requirement.

Here is a quick walk-through of the top 10 cross browser testing tools which are frequently used by testers and comparison between them to ease the selection.

1. BrowserStack

BrowserStack is a cloud-based tool to check web application compatibility on the web, desktop, and mobile browsers. With BrowserStack, you can test desktop, production as well as public web servers using online JavaScript or Selenium automated test suites. With support for proxies, firewalls and Active Directory and features like responsive testing, screenshots, APIs and local testing, BrowserStack provides a comprehensive environment for cross-browser testing and debugging.

2. Browsershots

Browsershots tests web pages layout by taking screenshots rendered in real browsers on different operating systems. Browsershots also provides support for browsers you probably have never heard before such as Epiphany, SeaMonkey, Rekonq, Luakit, Iceweasel, and Konqueror. Along with this, you also get options to customize screen resolutions, color depth, JavaScript and Flash options.

3. Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a yet another cloud-based tool to perform cross browser testing. It lets you set up a dedicated VM instance to test the web and mobile application’s compatibility with different browsers and operating systems. It comes with support for Selenium, Mobile, JavaScript and manual testing. There are several test automation tools that integrate Sauce Labs to offer cross-browser testing via cloud execution. TestingWhiz supports the integration for Sauce Labs to perform cross-browser testing via cloud execution.

4. TestingBot

TestingBot offers manual and automated cross browser testing on hundreds of browsers. With support for different flavors of native and mobile browsers, TestingBot is suitable for both web and mobile app testing. With TestingBot, you can view screenshots and videos and ascertain success and failure of tests through powerful reporting. TestingBot also provides security and parallel testing and many more utilities.

5. Browsera

Browsera is another tool to compare websites across different browsers and identify errors and differences with ease. With Browsera, you can test entire websites containing links as well as dynamic content and also test page backend without the need to install the tool. It works by crawling pages on your site and test them for inconsistencies instead of just comparing the screenshots.

6. CrossBrowserTesting

CrossBrowserTesting is also one of the popular browser testing tools to test websites on a wide range of desktop and mobile browsers as well as remote VNC. It lets you test AJAX, HTML forms, JavaScript and Flash and compare differences rendered across different platforms and resolutions via automated screenshots. CrossBrowserTesting also comes local host support to test sites under development and behind firewalls to provide a comprehensive testing environment.

7. Spoon

Spoon is a powerful and robust tool for cross-browser testing and backward compatibility. It comes with support for major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, opera and Safari along with browser components and plug-ins like Java applets, ActiveX controls, Java applets, Firebug, CSS and JavaScript debugging consoles. Spoon provides mobile and virtualized browser environment and doesn’t require browser installation on your machines.

8. Browserling

Browserling is an online cross-browser testing tool with great API support and dedicated servers. It comes with facilities to compare screenshots and pin-point design issues with interactive browsing. Browserling also supports local testing, ensuring great security through SSL encryption. Powered by HTML5 and JavaScript, Browserling provides a great testing experience without the need to install Flash, Java, or plugins.

9. MultiBrowser

MultiBrowser another great, cross-browser testing tool that comes with standalone web and mobile browsers. It also provides on-the-fly browsers and browser launcher to help you test your apps without installation. Plus, it allows you to perform functional testing with easy record and playback feature. MultiBrowser also provides side-by-side testing functionalities and spell check in four languages – English, Spanish, German and French.

10. Microsoft Super Preview

Microsoft Super Preview is a standalone tool to test web pages for cross-browser compatibility. It works for Internet Explorer and Firefox for Windows, however, it also provides online services to test on Chrome, Safari for Mac, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, and Internet Explorer 9. With Super Preview, you can also compare pages side-by-side and test multiple pages with multiple remote and local browsers. It also comes with debugging tools for the DOM and onion skinning.

Wrapping up

Hope you find this comparison of top cross-browser testing tools, useful to choose the best automation testing tool for your cross-browser testing needs. Do you use any of these tools or wish to add some other cross-browser testing tool? Share your answers in the comments section below.

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