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Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMi In Software Testing

May 16, 2012

In this post, lets learn about CMMi and how it is relevant to automated software testing

1) What is CMMI model?

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is all about processes. It is a process improvement approach that examines your current processes in place and identifies their weaknesses and strengths. Then appropriate process changes, improvements and modifications are made to change these weaknesses into strengths.

CMMI model is a collection of set of very effective and reliable best practices that can help an organization improve quality, standards and efficiency. It consists of several process areas such as configuration management, project planning, etc. 

2) What is the difference between capability level and maturity level?

Both these metrics are closely related, and often rely upon each other. Capability level can be used to measure the attained improvement in individual process areas; maturity level can determine the achieved improvement in multiple process areas. 

3) Why is CMMI Model important? 

CMMI model is being widely adapted by organizations to prove their efficiency and reputation. Some of the advantages of adapting CMMI model are:

  • It provides good RoI (Return on Investment).

  • When it is adapted, business sees heighted success.

  • It is compatible with other quality related methodologies such as 6-Sigma, ISO Standards and ITIL.

  • CMMI model is always improving and evolving. 

4) How does CMMI contribute to Software Testing?

When CMMI model is implemented: 

  • It improves quality of software delivered.

  • Customer satisfaction is increased.

  • It helps in achieving targeted cost savings.

  • The model also ensures stability and consistent high performance.

5) How can it be effectively implemented?

CMMI model does not only apply to processes. It applies to work groups, people, rules, teams and projects. To effectively implement CMMI in your organization, 

  • Choose staff members who will be trained.

  • Work on creating Engineering Process Groups.

  • Consult with CMMI consultants.

  • Implement quality processes and practices.

  • Select appropriate tools.

  • Make your staff learn quality assurance, configuration management and project planning.

  • Introduce the CMMI model to a few projects.

  • Get feedback and reviews from customers

  • Learn and improve the practices implemented.

  • Add on more projects under the CMMI model. 

6) What are the CMMI levels?

  • Level 0 - Incomplete

  • Level 1 - Performed

  • Level 2 - Managed

  • Level 3 - Defined

  • Level 4 - Quantitatively Managed

  • Level 5 - Optimizing

Cygnet Infotech, the parent company of Testing Whiz is CMMi Level 3 certified.

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