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Automated Test Script Execution

June 10, 2013

Testing without manual intervention sounds interesting, isn’t it? Think about it, can you completely get rid of manual intervention in any Test Cycle? To get rid of manual intervention it takes a bit manual effort initially and it requires a bit of coding efforts. If you can achieve this with effective test automation, there’s nothing like it.

Market leading automation tools like HP QTP, IBM Rational, Ranorex, etc. don’t provide this capability.

With Selenium, you can achieve this but it would require fair bit of coding. Take a look at TestingWhiz, a code less test automation tool, which provides the capability of scheduled execution of your test scripts without involving too much manual efforts. Let’s get started with it and see if it’s useful:

  1. Assuming that you have an already existing Test Script for TestingWhiz, go to “Scheduler” from TestingWhiz main page.

    way to scheduler while automation test script execution

  2. Click on “Manage Jobs” to open all Managed Scheduled Jobs.

    Way to managing scheduled jobs while automation test script execution

  3. Click on “Add” button to add a new job. Add the details like Job Name, select the Test Project that you want to include in this job, the duration on which you want the test to be executed, browser and provide the email address if you want to send an email to anyone at the end of test execution. Note: Please ensure that email settings are configured properly, if you want to send out an email at the end of Test execution.

    Adding new job in scheduler while automation test script execution

  4. Click “Ok” on the “Schedule Job” page.

  5. Click “Save” on the “Manage Scheduled Jobs” page.

With these easy steps with software test automation, your manual intervention during Test execution has been taken care of. Now at the end of any test cycle, if the test scripts are failing then you will need to check out the issues manually. But test execution has been taken care of with automation. Useful, isn’t it?

Download the Enterprise Version of TestingWhiz to experience the other features of this automated testing tool!


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