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Announcing TestingWhiz Version 2.0

January 28, 2013

hHello Testers!

TestingWhiz Version 2.0

We are pleased to announce the launch of Version 2.0 of TestingWhiz that was rolled out on 18th January, 2013. The new version brings exciting features and functions for testers to enhance web apps automation process.

What’s New in Version 2.0

  • Database Integration with MySQL
  • New Scheduler for easy scheduling of test cases
  • Automated email reporting
  • Inbuilt JavaScript editor
  • New browser selection toolbar
  • Export wizard for exporting test data to XML and CSV files
  • Support for windows authentication
  • Automation for custom executable files in Windows including .exe file, .bat file, DOS commands

Other major enhancements and improvements in the new version of this automated testing tool includes enhanced UI, facility to switch active screen preferences, integrated keyboard inputs for frequently used actions and facility to schedule jobs and import reports. Besides it contains hosts of several other features that makes it more powerful and scalable tool for web apps automation.

The launch of new version signifies TestingWhiz’s way forward to constantly improve and provide better automation capability to end-users.

Read the full v2.0 Release Notes

Download the Enterprise Version of TestingWhiz now!

Happy Testing,

- TestingWhiz Team


TestingWhiz is committed to provide an innovative and automated software testing solution to the global enterprises and software companies for their web, mobile and cloud applications.


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