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7 Ways to Deliver Superior Quality Products Using Automation Testing

August 16, 2019

7 Ways to Deliver Superior Quality Products Using Automation Testing

Automation testing is becoming an important part of the product engineering process. Testing has always been an integral part of the Software Development Lifecycle. It is encountering expeditious technology advancement every passing day. New age automation testing tools like TestingWhiz have made it much easier for enterprises to implement automation testing with efficient outcomes.

Why choose Automation Testing?

Automation testing uses automation tools for executing test cases which dramatically reduces human errors. On the other hand, manual testing becomes time-consuming and error-prone significantly reducing ROI in the process. Since automation testing can be done without human intervention, it increases the speed of test execution with accuracy.

There are several advantages of adopting automation testing. It ensures the successful delivery of superior quality product with improved test automation effectiveness and maximum ROI. Automation testing shortens the development cycles while improving software quality even when you’re working with speed and agility. As a result, it’s both - time and cost-effective.

If superiority of the output is your priority, you must implement automation testing. The quality of the application drives improved customer experience in a market-driven by competitive brands.

Here are 7 best ways to deliver the highest quality application using automation testing that can help your business grow:

1) Hire a dedicated resource for automation testing

  • Hire an automation engineer as manual testers cannot do both jobs simultaneously
  • Test automation is a full-time job; it requires a dedicated resource
  • Number of automation engineers depends on the size and scale of your products

2) The hired resource should have knowledge of the tool

  • Selecting the right automation tool is just the beginning of the process
  • Having an automation tool will help you automate everything; these tools require a high skill set to complete the process effectively

3) Have knowledge of the application being tested

  • The selection of the best tool depends on technologies used in the product, so you should have the right technology consultants guiding you
  • For web applications, check which browser it supports, and the technology used in it
  • For desktop applications, check the technology it is built-in

These tips will help in tool selection and will make automation easier.

Increase testing efficiency and productivity with test automation to gain more visibility

4) Find opportunities in automation

  • Don’t just test the manual test cases, identify opportunities with automation
  • For instance, if you’re testing the login page, expand the test case by making it data-driven
  • List all possible scenarios for testing such as invalid username & password, blank username, invalid e-mail, etc
  • By automating the test cases execute all these scenarios in one-go

5) Automation is software development

  • Developing a quality software requires code reviews, best practices and framework to be followed
  • Automation bugs should be reported in bug repository
  • You should treat automation as software development for better output

6) Everything cannot be automated

  • Automation doesn’t replace manual testers; it takes repetitive work away from testers leaving scope for innovation
  • You should automate the tests that are profitable, time-saving and difficult for manual testers

7) Evade GUI Automation

GUI automation is the most difficult type of automation testing. For instance, there are two ways to install an application. The first is to open the installation wizard and click on the next button multiple times which is time-consuming. The other way is to prepare batch files with silent arguments, this will silently install the application without showing GUI. This method is more reliable and time-efficient.

Automation testing can help you deliver superior quality products in time and again. It is one of the best ways of fulfilling the testing goals within your stipulated deadline ensuring all the client’s needs are considered. Selecting a proper automation tool is a challenge, it depends on the requirements of your enterprise. In addition, it needs proper training to operate automation tools.

This is possible if you let TestingWhiz assist you with your testing needs. If you are looking for implementing automation testing in your organization, contact us on info@testing-whiz.com or call us on +1-855-699-6600.


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