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6 Features to Look for in an Ideal Test Management Tool

July 24, 2017

6 Features to Look for in an Ideal Test Management Tool

When it comes to steering test projects in the Agile discipline, integrating QA activities with a solid test management platform is essential to ease the creation and management of test cases with effective reporting and faster turnaround. However, with enterprises rapidly shifting towards DevOps methodology, the stress over better collaboration and communication in the test projects has increased over and above speed and accuracy. This is why it is recommended to take a closer look at various options while evaluating an ideal test management tool that supports your Agile & DevOps initiatives.

Now, the question is, of all the powerful test management tools in the market, how do you know whether the tool you are selecting is the right for your Agile & DevOps automation needs?

Considering the top features of the best test management tools in the market, here are the common features to look for in an ideal Test Management Tool, which will really help you make the selection.

1. Integrates with Automation & CI Tools
While searching for the best test management platforms, look for a tool that provides integration with leading test automation tools like Selenium, TestingWhiz, Watir, JUnit, etc. as this can help you sync and run tests on a regular basis and also automate the entire process of managing tests, which can significantly reduce the time and efforts. Alongside, also check if they seamlessly hook with Continuous Integration (CI) tools like such as Jenkins and Bamboo to enhance the build release cycles and deployment automation.

2. Provides Traceability Reports & Metrics
Another important thing is to look if the tool allows you to trace the progress of your test management with detailed and comprehensive reporting and analytics. In that, it should give enough data to retrospect what is happening in a particular test project at a particular point of time. Moreover, the test management tool you are investing should also help you get insights into complete project status with execution cycles, test runs, test distribution as well as defects in a particular test project, serving continuous feedback requirements within your enterprise.

3. Integrates with Issue Tracking Tools
You must also make sure that your test management tool integrates with leading issue and bug tracking tools like Jira, Bugzilla, FogBugz, etc. to manage and report the test issues with ease. With bug tracking tools integration, you can get a holistic view of the test cases with their corresponding issue status all at one place, which can be reported and escalated for faster resolution. Also, when your test management tool integrates with bug-tracking tools, you can exemplify continuous feedback mechanism and enhance end-to-end tests.

4. Supports Reusable & Modular Test Cases
Another important feature to look for in a test management tool is that it should impart a lot of reusability and modularity in test cases, test stories and user scenarios so that the same test resources can be utilized a number of times in different test projects. That way, it can significantly reduce the time and cost into test management, allowing teams to be more productive.

5. Imparts Scalability & Collaborative Capabilities
By collaborative capabilities, it means that your test management tool should be accessible to all the stakeholders who are working on a particular test project to support your DevOps initiatives. In that, your tool must be centrally available via cloud servers to create an environment conducive for disparate teams to collaborate and communicate easily regarding test projects. If your test management tool is scalable on the cloud, your team can also access test assets such as reports and mission-critical information such as test metrics and test data which further aids in managing team and individual tasks.

6. Provides Security
Your test management tool must also provide enterprise-grade security to help you protect your test assets and key information about your test projects. With SSL-driven security, you can confidently distribute test data without worrying about the unauthorized access or misuse. Thus, it is very important that the tool you choose meet your security parameters to keep your test projects protected at all times.

While looking to buy a test management tool to meet your Agile and DevOps needs, try and make sure the tool ticks all the boxes of features mentioned above.

If you think, we have missed adding any point or if you want to share any real life experience of test management, feel free to add in the comments section below.


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