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5 Ways Test Automation Can Make Users Fall in Love with Your Apps this Valentine

February 12, 2016

5 ways test automation can make users fall in love with your apps this valentine

So you have designed, developed and released your app in the market but, the app doesn’t seem to be pleasing the users.

Well, in order to gain more adoption, delight your users and be successful for a long haul, your app should:

  • Be intuitive and user-friendly
  • Respond properly across devices and browsers
  • Function without any glitch during load times
  • Communicate & integrate well with connected platforms, systems and networks
  • Process right queries and deliver right data to users

To make sure your app conforms to the above points, you need a dedicated software testing process in place. Software testing makes sure your app works great and do not throw any issues to the users by verifying and validating it across different layers. Apparently, test automation can speed up the process of testing making your app lovable among users.

Here are the 5 ways how test automation can check different aspects of your app which ultimately makes your users fall in love with your app.

1. Checks if your app is Good-looking (UI & Front-end Testing)

A user can fall in love with your application or website in the first instance if it’s good-looking and attractive. UI test automation makes sure that your app is appealing to the eye and provides a seamless user experience by checking the placements and standards of visual elements, navigation and user interface. There are several UI Automation Testing tools for web and mobile apps for performing automated UI testing.

2. Checks if your app is Sensible & Well-behaved (Business Layer - Functional & Performance Testing)

A person looking to use an app for a long period of time would stick to your app only if it behaves well and meets his/her expectations. Since applications’ performance is determined by the business rules and processes, test automation can check whether your app behaves well and performs the required function by testing the underlying processes, rules and business logic.

3. Checks if your app is Supportive & Communicates well (Integration Layer Testing)

An app that can communicate and support other systems gains more votes of users. Test automation can confirm whether the app is sending right queries and listening to right details from the sub-systems and networks by testing the integration layer of the app. Automation of the integration layer thus confirms the overall interoperability of your app giving your users one more reason to like your app.

4. Checks if your app is Smart & Fit (Database Testing)

Test automation can check if your app is smart and fit enough to perform hundreds and thousands of processes on a day-to-day basis by performing database testing. Database is considered as the heart of an application and by ensuring health and fitness of the database, test automation can drive your application’s performance to the next level.

5. Checks if your app is Compatible & Flexible (Cross-browser Testing)

Test automation also lets you check if your app is flexible and compatible to work across different environments with cross-browser testing. With cross-browser test automation, you can monitor your application’s appearance and ensure it works accurately on different operating systems, browsers, and platforms to enhance their receptivity among users.

When it comes to making a user fall in love with your app, it should it tick all the right boxes and, we think, test automation can do that really well in the 5 ways mentioned above.

So what are you waiting for? Get a test automation tool now and prep your app to meet its Valentine!


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