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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Shapes the Future of Test Automation

September 3, 2019

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Shapes the Future of Test Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to see, imitate and work like humans. AI is becoming a crucial part of our lives. In this digital world, testing has become critical for quality assurance. To keep up with new trends, organizations are adopting test automation as it ensures efficiency, quality, and speed of delivery for a product.

Today, achieving full automation without human intervention is not possible. Consolidating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) with Test Automation can prosper the organization by helping them automating maximum tasks. So, this way test automation can easily leverage artificial intelligence in multiple places which includes an understanding of how APIs work, building powerful API test scenarios and implementing the right tests at the right time.

Here are five ways AI can change software automation testing:

1) Delivering Quality Product with Speed
Automation Testing has already reduced human intervention. AI is further reducing it by limiting manual work that usually human performs. While tasks such as supervising, validating, analyzing machine-identified anomalies, rectifying decision making, conducting exploratory tests are performed by humans that are infeasible for machines to perform.

AI will be accountable for activities that are time-consuming and backbreaking. Activities such as identifying iterative test cases, detecting bugs from thousand lines of code, programming regression test cases, etc.

In an era of AI, man and machines will work for hand in hand for producing efficient results. Combination of AI and human is known as Intelligent Augmentation; this helps tester deliver a high-quality product on time.

2) Steady Agile Testing with 24/7 Maintenance
Testing such as API testing, unit testing, UI testing, etc. are to be performed regularly. Tests cases run automatically in automation testing but maintaining these test cases is a time-consuming manual task. Machine Learning can automate these tasks using various algorithms.

AI will use the stored data for understanding the everyday behavior of the test cycles. When the test cases are executed the current state of the product is compared with the data collected, if there are certain changes at any point of execution, the test cases are updated accordingly. This helps in maintaining test cases without human intervention.

3) The Self-recovery process removes Unconventional Tasks
AI performs a self-recovery process and improves itself on a regular basis. It has a memory where all the data is stored, and AI uses this memory for self-recovery. It can also predict the future processes and can mitigate risks.

In the self-recovery process, AI identifies and fixes the error before it occurs. AI continuously gather the data and update the algorithms. This helps in detecting the behavior of the application and in delivering an efficient product.

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4) Independent Tests
If tests are dependent on certain modules or responses, it bothers automation and makes it complicated. Earlier pseudo responses were prepared for executing successful test cases. With the introduction of AI, pseudo responses are no longer used. AI grasp and store responses from the servers after the execution of a few manual tests. These responses are used in the removal of dependencies on various modules and servers. This helps in obtaining higher test efficiency without errors.

5) Regular Study and Analysis
Data analytics will lead to quality management with AI and ML. With regular observations, customer’s actions will be recorded and these actions will form a flow that helps in achieving a higher quality product. ML in the analysis will help in achieving test coverage. It will compare the recorded data and will provide quick feedback with fewer bugs and errors.

Before investing in AI and ML you should first invest in quality testers. If an organization has the best testing resources, then with the help of AI and ML it can deliver high-quality products. Combination of knowledge generated by ML and AI and putting that knowledge into action can do wonders to an organization.

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