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4 Ways to Select the Right Software Test Automation Tool

February 8, 2017

4 Ways to Select the Right Software Test Automation Tool

Test automation tools have captured attention of a variety of business operating across different industries, at different scales and size of operations.

Timely project delivery for technical teams and faster time-to-market the application for businesses are crucial to stay relevant in competitive market conditions. That is where test automation can assist businesses in creating superior business applications.

Many enterprises are on the hunt to select the best test automation tool for their business. However, in a world that offers an overwhelming number of choices, how do you make the right decision?

In this article, we tell our readers on the easiest four ways to select the right test automation tool for their business needs.

1. Determine whether you actually require test automation – YES/NO

Firstly, you need to clearly understand whether your current software testing projects need manual or automated testing. In fact, you also need to be prepared for any future test automation requirements.

Here, in an article when to do manual testing and when to do automated testing, there are a few factors the QA team needs to ensure from their part.

When do you need test automation?

  • When you have a high number of test cases to be executed
  • When you need to execute same test cases repeatedly in just a single testing cycle
  • When you have defined an order to be followed to execute a fixed number of test cases
  • When you have to ensure the most important features of the application to be tested without the chances of being missed in manual testing
  • When you need to perform the testing on various systems, environments, devices and browsers
  • When you have to perform regression testing excessively
  • When you need to edit test cases based on variety of testing scenarios
  • When you require documenting the reports on a regular basis.

When any of the above-mentioned scenarios are considered in any of the testing project, it is recommended for the QA teams to focus on implementing test automation.

What if the project requires a aggressive repeated testing of certain test cases?

You need to focus more on faster deliveries without compromising on the quality. Also, when you have purchased the tool for the entire year, then the tool will be considered as expensive with the on-going testing projects.

2. Prepare yourself for choosing the automated software testing tool

While considering test automation tools for your current or future automation testing requirements, you need to be explicit about the following things:

  • What are your testing requirements?
    Sometimes, there might be projects where you only need to perform load testing or most of the time, there will be requirements of only web testing or mobile testing or web services testing. So, you need to have a clarity in setting the criteria for selecting the automation testing tool.

    Nowadays, there are tools that are specific to the type of application. On the other hand, there are tools that are universal in application and environments.  It completely depends on the consistency of your testing projects to select a specific tool.
  • How complex is your application testing requirement?
    It is imperative to have a deep understanding of the application being tested and the technologies involved.  Keep this information well-documented to showcase a business case for a specific type of test automation tool.
  • Do you have skilled resources?
    You need documentation of the details of the application testing requirements. A thorough evaluation of whether your existing staff can handle your current testing requirements is imperative. In addition, it is important to understand whether they can effectively train to implement the new automated testing tool or not.
  • How much you want to invest?
    When working on finalizing the budget to purchase the test automation tool, you also need to make sure, you have the prices of all the tools available on hand. See, before experimenting, you’re not going to finalize the tool. However, to get the budget approved by the top management, you will require the prices of the overall software test automation tools available in the industry.

Once you have all the prices, you can estimate the amount that you might invest in purchasing the right automation testing tool.

3. Ask for a Demo of Software Test Automation Tools

There are various tools for various testing requirements. However, you need to identify which tool will be the best fit for your requirements. Start analyzing various software testing tools by downloading their trial versions available.

Get your sample test cases prepared to understand how different tools execute them. You can ask the tool company to offer you a demo.

While trying the tools, you need to ensure the following points:

  • Integrations with leading bug tracking tools & test management tools.
  • Support for leading browsers, operating systems, and platforms.
  • Object-based and Visual Record/Playback feature.
  • Robust reporting and analytics feature.
  • Distributed execution across various machines/platforms.
  • Language that your skilled resources are comfortable with.
  • Different testing solutions.

Also, check for the consulting & technical support provided during your entire trial period.

4. How to determine if it is what you need?

  • The tool you select must be easy to learn, adopt & use from the perspectives of test automation frameworks, scripting languages and support. Codeless Test Automatoion tool like TestingWhiz can do this for you.
  • You also need to mark the speed at which executes the test cases with the features of record/playback, bug tracking, and continuous server integration.
  • Also, analyze the support the tool offers for test management tools, browsers, operating systems, and platforms.

Wrapping Up

As you are reading this, you must have realized that your current project could use test automation. Discuss with your technical team and key decision-makers how you can go about introducing the right test automation tool for your current & upcoming testing projects.

For more information, you can always reach out to experts at TestingWhiz. Get in touch with our experts on info@testing-whiz.com.


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