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4 Things that Go into Testing Your E-commerce Website from End-to-End Perspective

January 28, 2016

How many times does it happen that you add something to your e-commerce website and you find that you broke something else?

Unlike other websites, e-commerce websites require extra diligence to ensure they perform seamlessly on customer’s side. Since, these online stores and websites get updated frequently, sometimes several times in a day, for e.g. when a new product is added or when some offer is introduced, it becomes extremely difficult to verify the performance by just testing the front-end or functional elements.

For this, it becomes necessary to test database layers, modules, back-end processes and functional flows along with testing UI and functional elements, which is addressed as end-to-end testing. End-to-end testing helps you not only check the functional front-ends, but it also lets you check the overall health of your e-commerce website.

As mentioned above, it requires due diligence and, therefore, there are various aspects of testing an e-commerce website from the end-to-end perspective.

Here are the 4 end-to-end testing essentials for your e-commerce website.

  1. Testing of Business Rules/Logic
  2. Testing of Front-End
  3. Testing of Backend
  4. Testing of Middleware & Integration Layer

So what really goes into testing of each of these areas?

Here’s a full article discussing these 4 essential areas for end-to-end testing of e-commerce websites published by softwaretestingclub.com. Read now…

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