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30 Software Testing Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

February 8, 2016

30 software testing twitter accounts you should follow in 2016

Twitter over the years has gained a prominent place within the social media space for people looking to keep themselves connected and updated on professional, inspirational, fun or entertainment level.

It can be as beneficial and interesting as the accounts you follow. Well, for software testing and QA professionals like you, it’s difficult to find who is sharing useful information about QA, software testing, and test automation. It’s important that the person or the account you follow provides value to you through thought-provoking insights, tips & tricks, updates or hard-hitting news.

Hence, here’s a list of the software testing accounts you should be following or that should liven up your feed on Twitter. The list includes Twitter accounts of experts, thought-leaders, companies and communities from across the entire software testing and test automation industry.


1. @uTest

A world-wide professional network for 200,000+ testers that aims to elevate software testing skills by providing software testing trends, articles, tools, projects and career growth opportunities. Join its 20K+ followers to get daily updates and information about software quality on your Twitter feed.

  • TWEETS 8,534
  • FOLLOWING 7,747

2. @testingclub

Join this the software testing professional’s club on Twitter to get continuous updates about software testing on your live feed. This club provides a platform to connect software testing enthusiasts through forum, events, blogs and videos.

  • TWEETS 12.9K
  • FOLLOWING 3,643

3. @SoftwareTestPro

Follow SoftwareTestPro, a community that shares informative & educational insights and networking opportunities through valuable white papers, conferences, best practices and events to more than 50,000 software testing professionals.

  • TWEETS 1,811
  • FOLLOWERS 6,672

4. @TestingCircus

Follow TestingCircus that publishes latest thinking and updates related to software testing through its monthly magazine. It also welcomes experts to submit automated software testing articles that help the amateur and test enthusiasts learn the latest in software testing and test automation ecosystem.

  • TWEETS 12.2K
  • FOLLOWERS 5,554

5. @testingmag

Don’t miss to follow this Twitter account if you want to keep yourself updated with knowledge, news, and resources about unit testing, functional testing, load testing, software testing frameworks and more. It can liven up your Twitter feed with software testing articles, blogs, podcasts and quotes on a daily basis.

  • TWEETS 1,284
  • FOLLOWING 1,689
  • FOLLOWERS 5,542

6. @testmagazine

Follow this bi-monthly magazine that is read by 10,700 members across Europe, the US and South Asia. The magazine shares a voice of software testing professionals in the modern environment through unbiased, holistic and pragmatic updates related to the latest trends, tools, opinions and events of software testing arena.

  • TWEETS 1,594
  • FOLLOWERS 4,893

7. @TtimewidTesters

TeaTime with Testers is a well-known and largest-circulated software testing magazine, which shares all the necessary updates about software testing in its monthly publications. Following this Twitter account gives quick access to software testing thoughts, theories, and updates, making the entire genre of software testing more up-close and incisive.

  • TWEETS 2,114
  • FOLLOWING 1,039
  • FOLLOWERS 4,810

8. @StickyMinds

StickyMinds is a part of TechWell community that brings tips, tricks, best practices and latest thinking about test automation, agile testing, test management and testing tools through Q&A, articles, how-to guides, white paper, discussions, news, and updates. Follow this account to find new ways of making software testing better every day.

  • TWEETS 7,740
  • FOLLOWING 1,106
  • FOLLOWERS 4,673

9. @esconfs

It’s an official Twitter account of the EuroSTAR Software Testing Community which is Europe’s #1 software testing network that organizes software testing conferences, attracting delegates from over 40 countries every year. Follow its account to keep yourself updated with useful testing stuff and upcoming events in the software testing space.

  • TWEETS 12.5K
  • FOLLOWING 2,528
  • FOLLOWERS 4,451

10. @weekendtesting

Follow WeekendTesters to test, learn and contribute to software testing projects, daily experience, announcements, updates and more. WeekendTesters is a platform for software testers to collaborate, recognize each other’s contribution and share insights across regions such as – America, Australia, and Europe.

  • TWEETS 840
  • FOLLOWERS 3,266

11. @TechWell

TechWell is corporation helping software testers, developers and managers to learn, connect and contribute to the community through conferences, websites, online resources and consulting assistance. Follow its Twitter account that brings all these on the Twitter feed of software testing professionals like you.

  • TWEETS 6,032
  • FOLLOWING 2,081
  • FOLLOWERS 2,797

12. @ministryoftest

A must-follow account that aims to co-create smart testers with thoughtful insights, learning, and resources. Well, you can also find the latest events and jobs related to software testing and QA from this next-generation community.

  • TWEETS 2,508
  • FOLLOWING 1,779
  • FOLLOWERS 2,389

13. @testingbook

Follow the software testing book account to read about everything related to software testing, right from manual testing, performance testing, test automation, and more.

  • TWEETS 876
  • FOLLOWING 4,935
  • FOLLOWERS 2,023

14. @SoftwareTestTT

SoftwareTestTT is an official Twitter account of TechTarget, which shares all the news, solutions, tips and information related to software testing, QA and more with regular tweets and feeds. If you are a subscriber of TechTarget, you must definitely follow this account.

  • TWEETS 3,281
  • FOLLOWERS 1,858

15. @QAJournal

Are you interested in learning about latest trends, tools, methodologies and technologies of software testing? Follow this account which shares interesting and thoughtful insights with its followers.

  • TWEETS 30K
  • FOLLOWING 1,502
  • FOLLOWERS 1,684

16. @WomenTesters

This is an awesome account that felicitates the women who love software testing. The account reaches out to women testers (both experienced and naïve) who wish to explore and share learning, experience and updates related software testing.

P.S: Male testers are also welcome to follow this Twitter account!

  • TWEETS 1,506

Experts & Thought Leaders

17. @michaelbolton

It’s an account of Michael Bolton, an influencer of the software testing industry who provides training, consulting, coaching and other services in software testing to individuals, teams and companies in several parts of the world. Following him on Twitter can help you get answers to your problems and woes of testing since that’s what he is well-known for.

  • TWEETS 52.9K

18. @jamesmarcusbach

James Marcus Bach is a well-known software testing thought leader as well as the founder & operator of Satisfice which is dedicated to providing consulting and classroom training on software testing and quality assurance. He is also the creator and propagator of Rapid Software Testing which is a blend of heuristic testing, risk-based testing, and exploratory testing. Follow him on Twitter to learn software testing best practices.

  • TWEETS 25.1K

19. @mikelyles

Follow Mike Lyles, who is an international speaker, writer, author and a tester with 22+ years of experience in IT. With his intense passion to mentor, coach, and guide about software testing, he helps others to grow professionally through his blog and social media networks. He is also the Director of Strategy on  for Software Test Professionals.

  • TWEETS 5,206
  • FOLLOWING 9,819

20. @FriendlyTester

It’s an account of the famous tester, speaker, and trainer at Friendly Testing, Richard Bradshaw, who shares thoughtful insights and podcasts on his channel WhiteboardTest. Follow him on Twitter to get a daily dose of his updates and learning in the software testing space.

  • TWEETS 16.2K
  • FOLLOWING 1,527
  • FOLLOWERS 3,313

21. @VijayShinde

He is an entrepreneur and a software testing enthusiast who founded the most popular software testing blog - SoftwareTestingHelp.com through which he spreads the word about software testing and quality assurance topics. Follow him to get regular updates related to software testing tutorials, web testing, methodologies,  automation testing,  testing tools, career guidance, job openings, latest testing trends, news, and much more.

  • TWEETS 853
  • FOLLOWING 1,920
  • FOLLOWERS 3,201

22. @jcolantonio 

Follow Joe Colantonio, a leading thought leader and  influencer in the test automation industry who is well-known for providing Automation Made Awesome How-Tos. He is a podcaster at the TestTalks and is famous for sharing amazing tips, videos, reviews and articles to make test automation interesting and fun. Following him on Twitter will help you keep in touch with his latest thinking and updates related to test automation.

  • TWEETS 2,508
  • FOLLOWING 1,613
  • FOLLOWERS 1,696


23. @BADtesting 

BADtesting, a QA consulting services firm that provides expert advice on managing risks, maintaining security and ensuring timely and effective releases of software. Bad Testing contributes impactfully to the software testing and test automation space by providing practical know-hows and guidelines daily on your Twitter feed.

  • TWEETS 12.9K
  • FOLLOWING 6,809

24. @bitbar

BitBar is the creator of TestDroid, a tool for mobile apps testing on Android and iOS devices. Follow the Twitter account of BitBar that shares hacks, tips and tricks for mobile testing, mobile test frameworks and test automation on real devices.

  • TWEETS 36.9K

25. @SmartBear

SmartBear is a provider of helpful software tools for functional testing, performance testing, API testing, mobile testing and collaborative development. Follow its Twitter account for making software testing and test automation a better experience with its articles, webinars, events and how-to guides.

  • TWEETS 10.8K
  • FOLLOWING 8,098

26. @saucelabs

SauceLabs is a leading provider of tools for automated software testing, mobile testing, selenium testing, website testing and more. Follow its Twitter account which shares its thought leadership and insights such as best practices, webinars, videos and much more related to software testing and test automation.

  • TWEETS 4,630
  • FOLLOWING 1,509
  • FOLLOWERS 7,380

27. @AbstractaUS

AbsractaUS is a software testing company focused on improving the quality and performance of your IT system. Follow them to grab their latest learning, tips, updates and resources on software testing and quality assurance on your Twitter home.

  • TWEETS 895
  • FOLLOWING 4,976
  • FOLLOWERS 2,714

28. @QASymphony

Follow QASymphony on Twitter to get updates related to agile testing along with manual and automated testing best practices. QASymphony is an Atlanta-based company providing test management, reporting with BDD and TDD as well as test documentation management tools.

  • TWEETS 1,871
  • FOLLOWING 1,692
  • FOLLOWERS 2,036

29. @yourzephyr

Zephyr is a leading provider of on-demand, cloud-based test management products with a mission to help customers deliver high-quality software. Through its Twitter account, you can learn about its latest innovation, learning, and research to enhance software testing and test management practices.

  • TWEETS 6,882
  • FOLLOWING 2,056
  • FOLLOWERS 1,648

30. @itestingwhiz 

It’s an account of TestingWhiz, a leading provider of a codeless test automation tool offers automated testing solutions for web testing, API testing, database testing, cross-browser testing and big data testing. Do follow this account which shares interesting updates related to making test automation experience better with regular updates from its blog, webinar, and other helpful channels.

  • TWEETS 1,899
  • FOLLOWING 1,748

So this completes the list of 30 software testing accounts that you must follow. Our QA and software test engineers find these accounts pretty helpful. Hope you find them useful too!

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