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ROI Guaranteed: Why the Cloud and DevOps need Test Automation

October 29, 2020

ROI Guaranteed: Why the Cloud and DevOps need Test Automation

The cloud-native paradigm has come into full bloom thanks to building applications tailored for the cloud. Modern customer-obsessed businesses struggle to manage workflows due to hand-offs between development and operations teams, all while managing continuous integration and delivery. This makes it vital for businesses become agile and stay ahead of their competition.

Focusing more on achieving ‘True DevOps’ without compromising cloud maturity is what businesses need to attain speedy innovation, high quality, scalability, and improved customer experience.

This begs the question…

How do you achieve True DevOps?

True DevOps can be achieved by implementing zero-touch automation—but that does not mean that you need to overhaul your entire framework and rework your plan of action from scratch just so you can deploy straight to production.

All you need is to adopt Automation as far as possible by embracing the right set of tools, a scalable framework and compatible technologies. As increased efficiency in your product build through thorough quality assurance is a crucial element of DevOps, you can start by implementing Automation Testing.

Successful businesses are achieving better innovation, advanced transformation, and richer customer experience by going Cloud-Native and adopting Automation Testing in DevOps. 

Still wondering, why are they important and how are they connected?

Let us first understand each term and its importance.

Cloud-Native is a software development approach that uses cloud computing to build reliable & scalable applications in modern & dynamic ecosystems to increase release pace, gain customer experiences, and reduce cost through containerization & cloud standards.

DevOps is a practice that converges the software Development(Dev) and Operations(Ops) teams to reduce the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), improve software quality, ensure continuous software delivery, manage with less complexity, and resolve problems faster.

Automation Testing is a software testing technique that can automate repetitive tasks & other testing tasks which are difficult to perform manually, control the execution of tests and compare the actual outcomes with the predicted outcomes. You can know more about it here: https://www.testing-whiz.com/blog/devops-and-test-automation-strategy-for-a-digital-transformation

Now, let us see how DevOps and Test Automation are inter-connected.

Every enterprise wants to become cloud-native, so that it can drive scale, power innovation, and improve business pace. However, simply adopting the cloud computing approach and building a cloud-native application is not enough to reach the goal.

Businesses need DevOps to eliminate waste, rework bottlenecks and automate manual tasks in the SDLC. Hence, Cloud and DevOps go hand in hand. Although you can adopt one without another, they generate outstanding outcomes when applied together.

Now that DevOps and cloud-native approach are in full swing, you need Test Automation in DevOps to get the purpose of cloud and DevOps fulfilled. In the overall SDLC, testing certainly has a very important part to play.

Let us take an example.
Consider your business works on a huge project which involves a cloud-native application. The application plan is ready, you need to make it through before the deadline. You have the Development and Operations team working together as DevOps. Then, there are testers who are testing continuously along with the development team using Automation Tools like TestingWhiz.

The Operations team is giving constant feedback about the code, impacts considering end users, troubleshooting any problems to gain stability of the software, etc. The teams are collaborating across development, testing, and deployment. Everything goes by the plan and you deliver a high quality software with agility and lower costs.

Now, imagine if you have cloud-native and DevOps approach, but you lack the test automation technique. It will undoubtedly slow down things, increase the probability of errors and lay the burden on the testers by not providing them the right Automation tool. Afterall, you need to empower your employees to get best out of them!

While the Cloud and DevOps can be considered as two wheels of a bike, Test Automation is the mechanism connecting them.

Cohesive teams with all these approaches embedded, enable strong collaboration between business, developers, testers, and operations for smooth and frequent software releases of superior quality, much faster and with reduced costs.

After implementing ‘Cloud First’ and ‘DevOps First’ strategy, are you ready to adapt ‘Automation First’ to leverage all the benefits and achieve a much larger goal?

Read this practical case study with proven benefits of Test Automation using TestingWhiz here. https://www.testing-whiz.com/success-stories/manual-test-efforts-regression-testing-time-reduced-by-65-for-a-life-insurance-firm-using-testingwhiz

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