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5 Reasons to Redefine Your Testing Center of Excellence

June 11, 2019

5 Reasons to Redefine Your Testing Center of Excellence

The importance of IT software solutions and applications is constantly growing across various industries. It has a huge contribution in supporting businesses and increasing revenue stream. However, the volatile economic conditions have forced organizations to control cost and increase the return on investment.

On the other hand, businesses need software systems that are reliable, efficient, and capable enough to support complex business processes. They also demand agility and speed to shorten application time-to-market and take advantage of new opportunities. These demands put intense pressure on the quality assurance team to reduce deployment time without compromising quality.

It is widely accepted that the “Excellence” of IT system or application defines the success or failure of an enterprise. Furthermore, the traditional way of quality testing practices cannot meet the expectation of delivering optimized software application in a time-bound manner.

Many organizations have had limitations to handle mission-critical systems. Hence, it has become imperative to plan and take strategic steps to improve software testing trends and practices. Organizations have felt the major need for a standardized model and framework to improve the testing processes and practices. Today, an increasing number of companies are moving forward to establish centralized testing services by embracing a “Center of Excellence” model.

What Is a Testing Center of Excellence?
A testing center of excellence (TCoE) is a framework that brings “People”, “Process”, and “Technology” together under the enterprise’s landscape. It uses standardized practices, metrics and tools to establish and nurture automation testing in a centralized manner. A TCoE helps to manage resources, while processes establish a standard testing competency and technology to build strong domain expertise in the organization.

Why Testing Center of Excellence is Important for your Organization?
A center of excellence for software testing helps in managing resources and maintaining superior application quality during production and after deployment. It eliminates redundancies, major risks and ensures high performance of the application. It is the best approach to reduce the total cost, refine testing competency and accelerate automation testing processes.

The ultimate goal of TCoE is to overcome the operational and quality issues faced by the organizations related to a software application, accelerate the delivery process while lowering cost and risk at the same time.

Here are the top 5 reasons that will encourage you to redefine your Testing Center of Excellence:

1) Centralized Test Automation Framework
Without a centralized test automation framework, your testing team may not share a common goal with your organization or does not follow the same path to meet business objectives. TCoE combines all the testing functions to ensure that it move towards a common mission to achieve business goals. This adds more clarity and visibility to test cycles and reduces the application’s time-to-market.

2) Increased Test Coverage
Lack of coordination between cross-functional teams leads to limited project visibility, restricting to achieve the economy of scale. TCoE ensures Agile teams are aligned as per their core skills along the lines of technology across projects. In addition, resources are utilized optimally without having dependencies on cross platforms.

The quality testing team get their own workspace to carry out testing without hampering the progress of software development. They can execute parallel tests for multiple projects on different environments.

3) Cross-team Visibility
Cross-functional teams performing testing lack visibility in calculating the total return on investments for testing. Additionally, there is no transparency on total cost involved in the testing. A Testing center of excellence has metric based tracking practices to measure the performance of the testing process and the ROI generated on testing.

It solves the common challenges of organizations like monitoring test coverage, measuring test efforts and effectiveness, and uncovers defects. You can have centralized visibility and clarity across the stakeholders by drilling drown the error report and real-time analysis helps to build a better application.

4) Operational Efficiencies
The traditional way of testing does not have standard QA processes, best practices, tools, and automation opportunities. As a result, the team struggles with many issues like buggy software, missed deliveries, high turn-around time, and needless waste of time and effort.

Whereas, TCoE has a standard testing process and guidelines for test planning throughout the organization.  It facilitates sharing the best practices for test scripts and test execution among the team - resulting in a more efficient test cycle.

5) Keeping Up with Trends
Quality assurance team might not be able to cope up with the trending technologies in testing. However, a TCoE structure can help an organization to stay updated with new technologies and trends in the testing approach. This organized structure can help in sharing knowledge by training the team across all the levels within the organization. This ensures businesses can gain a competitive edge and respond quickly to new business opportunities.

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