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Importance of Continuous Testing & Automation Testing in Agile

February 14, 2018

Importance of Continuous Testing & Automation Testing in Agile

In today’s scenario, an agile methodology for testing and development is growing in demand. And so this is the only purpose that various testing teams are improving and enhancing the agile management.

And it is said that when agile development and testing comes, speed is the only thing to focus. So, the demand for speed is more critical for user-centric applications, where the ability to innovate is quickly raised. The higher the agility of the QA process, the more powerful and faster the development process will be.

The aim of every DevOps team is to nurture continuous delivery process that can help deliver the innovative & enhanced version of the software faster. While concentrating on accelerating the development life cycle, many businesses ignore the testing process. Below are the few major demands and challenges for continuous testing and automation testing.

Demands for Continuous Testing and Automation Testing:

1. Early Defects, Less Cost

Continuous testing plays a very crucial role in this agile development methodology. Test automation for continuous agile delivery helps in basic authorization & determination of software defects.  The early the defects are fixed; the minor is the cost to the enterprise. Incorporating an adequate testing process in an initial stage of production allows faster recovery in case of unexpected defects in the product.

2. Easy Automation

A Continuous delivery model, therefore, requires a Continuous testing process and this is possible only through test automation. An end-to-end test automation strategy will empower organizations to test quick, test early & automate easily at every phase of product development. Thus, it helps coordinate QA efforts to balance the speed of DevOps, assisting developers to deliver unique software features quicker in a matter of weeks.

3. Reduce Testing Efforts

We can define that no matter which methodology we use for testing, but automation is the only essential tool to reduce our testing efforts remarkably. With an expected focus on continuous development and agility, automation tools will serve the testing team and overall product development a lot.

Challenges for Continuous Testing and Automation Testing:

1. Increase in Speed and Performance

Can easily be accomplished with the use of automation; test cycles can also move faster allowing developers to gain feedback & insights faster. While it is enticing to automate every mode of testing, manual testing is required in regression & exploratory testing at UI level.

2. Gain Efficiency

Building test environments & configuring an automation framework needs a lot of expertise & efforts. The greatest hardships in gaining test automation coverage include time and cost associated with setting up an effective automation framework. A comprehensive test management platform simplifies this process for the achievement of the test automation project. Additionally, finding the right skilled automation expert is a challenge and so due to this many organizations do confront. Continuous delivery in agile testing, integration includes a lot of coordination between developers, testers, and product managers.

3. Robust Planning & Execution

Organizations can, therefore, assist development team gets acumens faster without striving their existing in-house QA resources. With access to the right expertise who easily gets to know your software architecture, you can plan and execute successful automation scripts. By automating significant workflows, companies can significantly reduce cost & time in testing.

This adequate & planned test management platform utilizes the power of automation, product owners can determine, track and execute fixes to address crucial & high priority bugs in their application easily. Developers can concentrate on bringing new innovations to achieve excellent user experience.


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