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LoadRunner Review in Performance Testing

February 1, 2012

Importance of Software Testing Life Cycle

Performance testing is a type of non-functional testing activity that is carried out to determine an application’s response time, behavior and overall performance. LoadRunner is one of the most widely used performance testing tools since it uses minimal hardware resources and is extremely efficient.

Performance Testing

How does LoadRunner work?

A scenario is created that contains the script to be executed, number of virtual users (Vusers) that are needed, pre requisites to run the test and expected result from the test. Then the required number of Vusers is created that could be as less as few hundreds or as many as few thousands.

The scenarios can be goal-oriented or manual. In the former, LoadRunner generates the scenarios based on goals specified by the tester; while in the latter, the details are to be entered manually.

Then, the series of actions that are to be performed as part of the testing scenario are recorded into a Vuser Script. Then load generator is used to run the Vusers, which will create the required amount of load on the system. The business processes that need to be measured are represented in form of transactions. Once the required load is generated, the system behavior is observed and noted.

Features of LoadRunner

Some of the most important features of LoadRunner are:

  • Virtual User Generator (VuGen) easily can record the testing steps that the users perform in order to test an application.
  • The Virtual User (Vuser) concept enables testers to run the test cases in form of virtual users thus minimizing manual intervention.
  • There is no limitation on the number of Vusers that can be created if the appropriate license is obtained as per requirements.
  • All the Vusers can be controlled from a single dashboard.
  • LoadRunner can work on several enterprise environments thus providing wide applicability.
  • LoadRunner can work with most of CRM/ERP systems provided by Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP as well as Siebel.
  • Using a single load generator, almost 1000 Vusers can be generated.
  • The LoadRunner supports many protocols. Running a multiple protocol script can be easily done.
  • The monitoring and analysis interface provided is very user friendly and easy to grasp.

Thus, LoadRunner, when used judiciously can give you an accurate picture of end-to-end system/application performance. When used in the development cycle, all the performance bottlenecks can be easily identified and eliminated.

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