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10 Reasons to Choose TestingWhiz

May 30, 2013

Hello Testers,

Presenting top 10 reasons to choose TestingWhiz that our team has recently come up with for your web and cloud apps automation concerns. These reasons will surely help you ease your buying decision and will even help you take a closer look at TestingWhiz.

Code-Less Test Editor (Keyword Driven) - TestingWhiz features 90+ test commands to create powerful test automation scripts along with an intuitive UI and drag and drop controls that help you record and modify test scripts easily.

FAST Object Recorder – The Object-Eye tool of the TestingWhiz speeds up test creation process by identifying Class, Xpath, Form Controls and Values of web-objects and stores them in the object repository for easy regression.

Inbuilt Test Data Tables (Data Driven) – Stores up to 500+ data table that help you use them across multiple test projects.

Cross Browser Testing – TestingWhiz lets you run your test cases across multiple browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Formidable Test Scripting Features - Facilitates using operations like conditional loops (If, Else-if, If Else and If Not) to ease complex scripts. It even allows testers to group frequently used test cases and re-use them across multiple test projects.

Integrations for the Enterprise – TestingWhiz provides efficient results due to its integration with Defect Tracking Tools like Mantis, Fogcreek Fogbugz and Atlassian JIRA and Test Management Tools like HP Quality Center.

WhizGrid – Distributed Test Execution - Allows testers to execute test cases on multiple nodes from a single centralized server.

Internationalization – TestingWhiz allows you to customize the UI, scripts and reports into a language of your choice among English, Spanish, French, German, Italiano and Dutch.

Database Testing – Facilitates testing the complete application with connectors like Oracle, MSSQL, My SQL, etc. along with an ability to fetch database to placeholder and export the same to Excel or CSV.

Shorter Learning Curve - TestingWhiz offers enough goodies for the junior tester to get started and also packs in enough punch for the seasoned automation engineer which significantly cut down the learning curve.

10 Reasons to Choose TestingWhiz

Want to know more about these features in detail or get demo of TestingWhiz, email us at info@testing-whiz.com or visit www.testing-whiz.com.


TestingWhiz is committed to provide an innovative and automated software testing solution to the global enterprises and software companies for their web, mobile and cloud applications.


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