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Automating In-Sprint Test Cases–Blazing Fast Deliveries with DevOps

Webinar conducted on -

Date: 31st May, 2022

Time: 02:00 PM (ET)


We live in an agile world where everything evolves at a breakneck speed. Organizations across the globe are becoming more competitive every day, and this pressure is trickling down to the end-to-end chain of software product engineering that elongates with strategizing, and requirement gathering, to quality assurance.

In these dynamic conditions, QA teams are expected to keep up with the development pace. This is where in-sprint test automation comes into play. It is used to automate test cases that were required to be delivered in the previous sprint as well as the current sprint.

Within a single sprint, in-sprint automation combines various functions and accelerates the overall testing process. Moving from manual to in-sprint, on the other hand, may not be an easy decision. Tracking bugs and/or defects may derail the development process and incur a higher cost if not resolved at the right time.

In this webinar, Tushar Das and Balbodh Jha will share their experience with in-sprint test automation and how to implement it successfully, as well as introduce DevOps into in-sprint automation, which will eventually help project teams to bridge the gap between shift-left and shift-right approaches into a more comprehensive strategy for blazing-fast continuous project deliveries.

This webinar will cover the following:

  • - How a codeless approach would help QA teams create test cases faster and test data automatically
  • - How codeless platforms are individual components that stitch together end-to-end delivery platforms/frameworks
  • - How codeless tools enable AI/ML to reduce maintenance issues for effective script execution and defect prevention and prediction
  • - How applying and integrating advanced DevOps practices are made easy by codeless platforms

This session will help QA teams learn how automating in-sprint test cases can fast-track their deliveries with the help of DevOps. And teams will learn how they can build regression packs that maximize the test coverage.

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