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Released TestingWhiz Version 5.0 (Jupiter)

We are glad to announce the release of TestingWhiz Version 5.0 – Jupiter on 30th March, 2016.

This is the biggest release in the TestingWhiz history since it boasts out-of-the-box features and enhancements which will help users to test smarter and optimize their test automation efforts.

The major updates in TestingWhiz 5.0 include the following:

  • Cross-Browser Testing via Cloud Execution: This feature allows users to perform cross-browser testing via cloud execution by connecting to their BrowserStack & Sauce Labs profiles and help them expand their automation bandwidth.
  • Automated Test Data Generator: With this feature, users can generate millions of Test Data in seconds and maintain them efficiently right in the TestingWhiz ecosystem.
  • Headless Testing: Headless testing allows users to execute tests without initiating browser instance for fast and effective testing of web apps.
  • Mongo DB Support for BI Reporting: The new version comes with facilities to store execution logs in Mongo DB which will help users in historical analysis and BI reporting.
  • Native Mobile Support: This version also provides support for native mobile app testing via Appium for Android devices.
  • Support for Microsoft Edge: Users will also get support to execute tests on Microsoft Edge browser to expand the test automation horizons of users.
  • Support for Dynamic Values: Variable & Parameter Reference in ‘Object’ column will now be able to support dynamic values from the data tables and variables.
  • Execution over Firefox Profile: The new version also comes with a feature to execute testing over Firefox profile to provide personalized testing to users.

Referring to the release, Mr. Premal Dave, the General Manager at TestingWhiz, said, “TestingWhiz Jupiter is the most sought-after release as we had received a lot of buzz into our mailboxes from existing and new customers. With the most commendable features till date, we are sure, TestingWhiz Jupiter will make test automation more productive and enjoyable.

TestingWhiz 5.0 also features several enhancements in the reporting structure as well as the look and feel of the tool. Further, there are also some additions in the test commands that will ease test automation efforts of users. 

Mr. Nirav Sanghavi, the General Manager - Technology & Solutions at TestingWhiz, expressed his joy by saying, After months of effort and excitement, we are happy to launch TestingWhiz 5.0 which is definitely going to change the way people utilize the test automation tools.

Download now and experience smart testing with TestingWhiz 5.0.

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