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Automated Database Testing for Web Apps

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Date: 17th Dec, 2013

Web Applications are becoming highly database centric and it is getting more and more complex to test a layer beyond the functional layer. View a recorded webinar on how database testing can take your automated functional and regression testing a step further. Many automation frameworks and tools just tests out the first layer or the business logic while testing a web application. For web applications to perform as expected validation of responses to queries and database schema & table.

  • Setting up database driven testing: Focusing on how actual data from a database can be used while testing an application with example scenarios?
  • Run, Test verify and tear down: How to run automated tests for database? Using abstract database test cases.
  • Verifying the state of the database after your test has run: Verifying data after tests have run.

About TestingWhiz

TestingWhiz™ is an easy, intuitive and affordable solution based on a robust FAST® automation engine. It uses effortless and intelligent recording techniques like keyword-driven testing, data driven testing, Excel inputs, object recorder and Java scripting to offer powerful test automation solutions like automated regression testing, cross browser testing, image comparison and language translation.

TestingWhiz supports out of the box database connectors to databases like Oracle, MsSQL, IBM DB2 and MySQL to help you test database, configurations & form controls and ensure your application is completely tested. You can do database testing by simply running queries by fetching the data from CSV or Excel to TestingWhiz.

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