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FAST Automation Engine

FAST® Automation Engine

5 recording techniques to create an automate test cases, Keyword Driven, Data-Driven, Object based, Excel and Java scripting. Execute & Playback support across multiple browsers, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Execution support for any .exe file, .bat file, DOS commands is also available.

Object Recorder

Record & Playback

Record and Store all web controls using an intelligent Object Eye® built in the recorder. Quickly access and edit objects using the smart editing features from the repository. Also use 90+ readily available operations (if, else, condition, loop etc...) to create highly modular scenarios for complex test cases. Windows Authentication is also supported.

Fast Automation Engine

Data Table

Use dynamic test data and multiple input values with ease. TestingWhiz™ allows inputs from an excel sheet for building a re-usable testing logic in your Automation Scripts, reducing maintenance and improving test coverage.

Excel Integration

Excel Integration

Import your test cases from Excel sheets with the import feature use it as a basic framework to build your automation scripts. Also Export them from TestingWhiz™ to an Excel compatible format (.xls, .xlsx, .csv etc…)


Group frequently used test case steps and store them as "Methods" to create re-usable workflows to automate with ease.

Active Screen

View, Play, Pause and Stop live execution as well as add breakpoints for that additional validation to never miss out on an important detail.

Visual Logs

Capture screenshot for every important event during test case execution to help you in documenting validation for each pass or fail result happens.

Fast Automation Engine


Every detail and every phase is captured through the standard reporting module, Execution Logs, Total Execution Summary and Platform Information are a few example of the reports readily available at each execution cycle. You could View Reports in HTML or Export them using a built-in email wizard.

Fast Automation Engine

Internationalization support

Voila! Build truly global products and applications that are no longer only tested in English. TestingWhiz™ comes with an out of the box support for Spanish, French, German, and Dutch and many more languages.

Fast Automation Engine

Database Testing

Users can test database entries using raw queries: “SELECT INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE”. Data can be fetched from the database directly into the Data Table to provide run time values. Data from Data Table can be exported directly to XML or CSV files. Supported database: MySQL 4.5+

Fast Automation Engine


Run your automated tests at a pre-defined time. With the scheduler, a tester can set the frequency of test runs, select dates, day of week, time of day, set exceptions and much more. The scheduler is highly configurable with an timing manager for power users. After the scheduled execution, reports can be emailed to the configured set of users.

Fast Automation Engine

Distributed Test Execution

Use TestingWhiz as a server and execute tests on remote desktops without installing TestingWhiz on those remote machines. From a central server console, configure the remote machines and the browsers on which to run tests.

Fast Automation Engine

Defect Management Tools Integration

TestingWhiz provides integration with Atlassian JIRA, Mantis and FogBugz to make the process of testing and bug-reporting a seamless one. Failed test cases can be directly pushed to the Defect Tracking Tool along with the captured screenshot.

Fast Automation Engine

Test Management Tool Integration

TestingWhiz comes integrated with HP QC Test Management Tool. Now submit your defects, executed reports & test script directly to the Test Management tool of your choice folder and when you encounter them along with screenshots and easily track the issue status for seamless testing.

Fast Automation Engine

Web UI Comparison

Web UI comparison add-on in TestingWhiz helps you to compare two images and record the difference at the pixel level. This pixel by pixel comparison can be done across two URLs, two image files or an image and an URL. TestingWhiz automatically converts the complete webpage into an image to carry out the comparison.

Fast Automation Engine

Mobile Test Execution

TestingWhiz allows easy, comprehensive and convenient way to execute test script on various mobile platforms. Automate the execution of your functional test cases on the mobile platform to test mobile web apps fully. One script to test web apps across mobile platforms without tweaking your web app.

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