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TestingWhiz Community Edition

Codeless Web Test
Automation for Test Engineers

TestingWhiz Community Edition is suitable for individual testers or small and closely-knit teams working on test automation.Read more about the features of TestingWhiz Community Edition

Key Features

  • Codeless Testing
  • 250+ In-built Operations
  • Keyword & Data Driven
  • Scheduler Engine

Codeless Testing

TestingWhiz has a codeless architecture that lets you build test cases effortlessly without involving programing or coding skills. This makes the learning curve shorter and ensures your team gets started with automated testing without the need to incur huge training costs.

250+ In-built Operations

TestingWhiz offers 250+ readily available commands and test operations (if, else, condition, loop etc...) that helps you create powerful and modular automation scripts without investing valuable time in coding the automated test scripts. Optimize your workload and improve your efficiency leveraging these highly usable test commands.

Keyword & Data Driven

With TestingWhiz, you can set up to 500+ data tables and values in placeholder and use them dynamically while executing your test script. You can even import the test data from existing Excel sheets and synchronize it with test scripts. What’s best is, with minor changes you can re-use the same data for multiple scripts and regression tests. TestingWhiz also supports Keyword-driven testing to help you speed up your automation project. Set up keywords for the corresponding actions instead of writing full-length commands and make the most of your testing efforts. Modifying existing test scripts becomes an easy task.

Scheduler Engine

TestingWhiz comes with an advanced scheduler to help you schedule and run your test cases at a future, pre-defined time, date, day and week. With scheduler, you can also define frequencies of test runs as well as exceptions using the highly configurable timing manager. Now meet the deadlines easily and save up on time and resources using the TestingWhiz Scheduler Engine.

System Requirements

Operating System : Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
Processor : Intel Pentium 4 or later
RAM : 1 GB (2 GB Recommended)
Free Disk Space : 300 MB
Java Version : JRE 6 or later

Browser Support

Internet Explorer: Version 9, 10 and 11
Mozilla Firefox: Version 3.6 to version 36
Google Chrome: Version 36 to version 41
Apple Safari: Version 5.x
Opera: Version 11 & 12.x

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